Tariffs And Information


There are three elements to joining the car club. Firstly you have a £100 Deposit which is refundable on leaving. Secondly we charge a monthly Membership Fee of £12 per person (£18 per couple). Thirdly there are Car Usage costs when you book a car, an hourly charge plus a mileage charge (see table below).


All members must pay a returnable deposit on joining the club: used for payment of penalties and charges incurred by the member according to the terms and conditions set out in the User’s Handbook. Basically if you have a small bump, to avoid an insurance claim which will impact on future premiums to the detriment of all car club members, we use a portion of the deposit to settle the claim.


Membership is for a minimum of 3 months, however should special circumstances prevail, we can discuss your requirements. Standard membership is £12 per person and £18 per couple, or person from same household.

Car Usage

There is an hourly charge for use of the Car Club vehicles. You can also hire by the day (up to 24 hours), 2 days (48 hours) or for short break (up to 72 hours). See the price table below. (Prices effective from 1 July 2022)


Hourly Rate Day rate (up to 24 hrs) 2 days (up to 48 hrs) Short Break (up to 72 hrs)


£3.50 £40 £75 £105


£3.50 £40 £75 £105


£3.50 £40 £75 £105


In addition to the above hire costs, you also pay a mileage charge; all cars are 52p per mile.

N.B: All Stroud Valleys Car Club charges include fuel, VAT and comprehensive insurance. Please note that the above tariffs are subject to regular review. Also note that penalty fees may be incurred if a member does not abide by the rules laid out in the User’s Handbook, which is supplied to all members.


SVCC membership can be offered to drivers who:

  • Are at least 21 years of age.
  • Are full driving licence holders, who have held their licence for a minimum of 12 months (a minimum of 3 years for those aged 21/22, or 2 years for those aged 23 or 24, or those using the Dacia).
  • Have no endorsements on their licence for those aged 21-24, and (at most) one minor offence, for drivers aged 25 and over.
  • Have had no accidents (or documentary proof of not more than one no-fault accident) in the last three years for drivers aged 21- 24, and (at most) one accident for those aged 25 and over.
  • Are not professional sports people or professional entertainers, are not in occupations connected to gambling or betting, and/or are not foreign servicemen based in the UK.

If you are not eligible but would like to join, please contact SVCC, as membership may be allowed on a discretionary basis for an additional fee

Insurance Cover and Excess Charges

As long as members have been truthful about information provided on applying for membership, the SVCCC provides fully comprehensive insurance cover. The User’s Handbook provides full details of the insurance cover and the excess charges that apply during a pre-booked hire-period.