How It Works

Vehicles Available

The vehicles currently offered by SVCC are:

Peugeot 308

Unleaded petrol

1.0 litre, 5-door Kia Picanto

Unleaded petrol

898 cc, 4-door Dacia Logan Estate Car
Unleaded petrol
Located : Bisley Road Located : Cainscross Located : Newlands Brook

As the car club is expanding across Stroud we are looking for support in new areas. If you are interested in a car being stationed near you, please let us know; areas with the highest number of enquiries will be considered first.

Booking a car

Booking a car is simple. Members can book cars via a secure website using their individual membership number and password.

Car collection & return

Cars are parked at designated points close to members’ homes. Members have access to a nearby keysafe for the car keys. Details of journeys (time and mileage plus any fuel purchased) are recorded in a log book, which forms the basis for invoicing members each month. Car keys are replaced in the keysafe after each journey, so that they are accessible to the next user.

Hire periods

SVCCC vehicles are primarily intended for short-term use up to three days. The minimum hire period is half an hour, with day and ‘short break’ special rates also available. For longer breaks, at negotiated rates, please contact the office.

Breakdowns & mechanical problems

SVCCC cars are regularly serviced and maintained. Additionally, all vehicles have accident and emergency cover using an ethical national breakdown service provider.


SVCCC members do not have to pay for fuel as these costs are all included in the tariffs. Any re-fuelling cost to members will be reimbursed in full. All vehicles use unleaded petrol.