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About Car Clubs

Car clubs give you all the advantages of owning a new car, with none of the drawbacks.

Members have convenient local access to a vehicle when they need one, and only pay for the time it is in use. Cars can be booked for as little as half an hour or up to a few days. Bookings can be made either through the internet or by telephone, weeks ahead, or as short as half an hour before a car is needed. You get a monthly invoice for the use you have made of the car.

All vehicles are serviced and maintained by the Car Club, which means you don’t have the expense or hassle of dealing with garages, MOTs, road tax and cleaning. Membership even includes comprehensive insurance (subject to acceptance) and breakdown cover. So once you have joined all you need to think about is driving.

Car Club Benefits

  • Affordable – members only pay for the time they are using the car
  • Convenient – cars are parked close to members’ homes
  • Flexible – hire by the half hour, book on line or by phone, pay at the end of the month
  • Choice – hatchbacks or people mover
  • Hassle Free – all cars taxed and serviced
  • Reserved Parking – cars are parked in special bays
  • Environmentally friendly – helps to cut the number of vehicles on the road
  • Healthy lifestyle – no pressure to use your car because you are paying for it anyway; choose to walk, bike or use public transport when that’s best, or a Car Club car when you need to

Compared to the cost of private car ownership and conventional car-hire rates, the SVCCC provides a cost-effective, new option. Taking all the costs of running a car into account, (road tax, insurance, servicing, MOT, repairs, maintenance, breakdown membership, depreciation, petrol, etc.), private car ownership can be an expensive venture.

The Car Club package of membership fees and our pay-as-you-drive billing system shares the fixed costs of running a car between members. This is not only likely to reduce your overall annual car costs, but also makes budgeting far easier, because membership protects you from ‘those unexpected car costs’.

The SVCCC will help to reduce congestion in Stroud and ease the increasing demand for car parking spaces.

Further, a change in the way Club members use vehicles will reduce pollution as journeys are only made when required and when other alternatives are not available or feasible (e.g. public transport, cycling, etc).

Car Club Members

Car club members can be:

  • People who own a car but only use it two or three times/week
  • People who do not own a car, but would like to use one from time to time
  • People who want to cut out the expense of a second car that doesn’t get much use
  • People who currently have a car and are doing a low annual mileage
  • Businesses who do not want to run an expensive ‘pool car’
  • Research shows that each Car Club car can replace 12 privately-owned vehicles, easing pressure on our crowded streets, and improving local communities
Car Club Success Stories

City car clubs are running successfully in Europe in more than 300 towns and cities with tens of thousands of car club members. In Switzerland alone, there are over 40,000 car club members.

Car clubs in Edinburgh, Bath, Bristol, London and over 40 other places across the UK now have car clubs up & running and are expanding constantly.


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